Vitaliderma Skindiet presents the Skin Detox

As a result of the daily routine, where factors such as the
environmental or dietary contamination can influence
negative, skin damage can occur and the skin can become
affected their appearance.
For this reason, the company Vitaliderma is dedicated to the production of
cosmetic products, elaborated with natural ingredients, for
improve skin condition. One of the innovations introduced by
this cosmetic brand is Skin Detox, considered to be the ally of the
perfect for any skin detoxification treatment.
Vitaliderma’s Skin Detox promotes a treatment
to reset the skin condition
Although every skin is different, at some point in your life,
some people feel the need to detoxify their skin and to
body in general, which is why Vitaliderma’s Skin Detox is a
good alternative. The Skin Detox favors the resetting of the skin, due to
that drives a restoration and detoxification from the inside out
In view of the fact that this is a complete detoxification and
a complete restoration of the skin and body, from the inside and the outside.
outside, the process ensures an increase in metabolism. To achieve
for the best results, the treatment combines a natural peeling
based on 98 % of natural herbal extracts and
Moreover, the treatment from the Skin Detox includes a syrup
compuesto por 20 plantas medicinales que posee un efecto
detoxifying to increase the speed of treatment. And
together, the two products work to restore the ideal state of
skin and give people a refreshed appearance.

Benefits of skin detoxification
Skin Detox is a unique combination with a therapeutic effect and
ideal rejuvenator for acne, pigment spots, pigmentation spots, blemishes and
scars, coarse pores, wrinkles and sagging skin. By
For this reason, beauty salons that use the products of the
Vitaliderma can witness the transformation of the skin of their patients.
In the same way, the Skin Detox treatment is recommended for
to combat the presence of bacteria, even out the stains from
pigmentation and restore normal skin thickness. This occurs
because Skin Detox acts to stimulate the Langerhans cells,
responsible for the dendritic cells that are found in the
Due to the excellent results they deliver, some of the
nationally and internationally leading esthetic centers use the most advanced
Vitaliderma cosmetics. From the company’s website, the
customers can inquire about the stores where they are located.
available the different products offered by the company,
including Skin Detox.

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