Natural cosmetics: why is it a trend?

Respectful of the environment and the skin, natural cosmetics are gaining more and more followers.

We are increasingly aware of what we consume and what we put on our skin. We like to read labels, to know what ingredients our beauty products include and to opt for natural formulas. natural formulas . In recent years, the green, sustainable and ecological, and healthy lifestyle and this has led to a huge increase in natural cosmetics. Discover the keys to the trend of the moment and a selection of the best cosmetics.

The natural cosmetics is in fashion. More and more beauty brands are offering vegan, organic or eco-friendly products. According to Claudia Sissingh, skin specialist and co-creator of the natural cosmetics firm Vitaliderma, this boom can be explained “as a counterpoint to the excesses of the past. The severity of climate change is a fact: we have a problem and it is time to generate strategies that favor the environment and its biodiversity. It is therefore not surprising that a new concern has arisen: that of consuming cosmetics with green seals, cruelty free, suitable for vegans, fair trade, etc. In this scenario, many brands are using natural or organic, local ingredients and, of course, are researching and applying new and more sustainable production techniques.“.


The definition of natural cosmetics is complex and very broad, initially it was used to describe products made with ingredients that came from nature. But with the public’s growing interest in the eco world, many brands have applied the concept of “natural cosmetics” to their products, regardless of the percentage of natural ingredients they contain. they contain.

Organic cosmetics (also called biological or organic) do have a minimum percentage of natural ingredients, they have not been genetically modified, and they have been grown without pesticides, fungicides, etc. Organic or ecological cosmetics are usually endorsed by official seals official seals such as Ecocert, Bio, Natrue, BDIH…

On the other hand, vegan cosmetics is one that does not contain ingredients from animals or animal-derived products such as milk or honey.


  • It includes a high percentage of natural ingredients (vegetable oils, plant extracts, butters, etc.), which may come from organic farming.
  • It does not include synthetic preservatives, colorants, silicones or other petroleum derivatives.
  • Use recyclable or recycled and/or biodegradable.
  • It is respectful environmentally friendly throughout the process from formulation, manufacturing and production to distribution.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • It may or may not have ecological certificates.
  • It can be vegan or not.


Although it is true that more and more people are opting for natural cosmetics, it must be made clear that all the cosmetics developed by Vitaliderma are safe for the skin. One of the great challenges of natural cosmetics is the reproducibility of plant extracts, which means that extracts derived from plants with the same characteristics are not always obtained. The easy “rancidity” of vegetable oils “rancidity” of vegetable oils. . An oil derived from plants – even bio – of poor quality or poorly preserved, in addition to the unpleasant odor, will contain a high number of peroxide radicals that cause oxidative reactions that could lead to skin aging and cause severe irritation.“. If you choose natural cosmetics, keep in mind that the shelf life of the products is usually shorter.

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