Slimcorporal Pack / Anti-cellulite / Draining

Slimcorporal Pack / Anti-cellulite / Draining

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Pack Slim


  • 1  Detox Swiss Cure 250ml
  • 2  Vitalislim Roll-on 120 ml
  • Gift

Instructions for use:

Body pack to detoxify, drain and fight cellulite both inside and out.

For best effectiveness, consistency in taking and applying the products along with a good balanced diet and daily physical exercise. Remember that the products are to help you lose toxins and fat. Avoid contact with eyes.


Storage temperature +5 to 25ºC
For external use only.

Recommended for:

  • Year-round body maintenance.
  • Suitable for all skin types. (wearing a hyperamia)
  • There are no contraindications.
  • Developed on the basis of medicinal plants and Ayurvedic products.
  • Detoxifies, tones, drains and fights cellulite.
  • Nutritional supplement, which provides energy and balance.


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