For more than 25 years I have gained my knowledge and experience at the most prominent cosmetic brands, both at home and abroad. I have worked as a specialist in skin care, as a manager of a spa hotel and as a consultant and trainer in the cosmetics industry. In addition, I have followed several years of studies at university level and various master classes in the field of inner and outer care, health and nutrition.

about us

In 2012 I decided to take a new step in my career and finally a long cherished dream came true for me! I started my own company under the name: Vitaliderma-Skindiet. First, originated from a vision and philosophy, to develop a natural, multifunctional line that tackles the skin problem at the base. Secondly, I think it is important that both women and men can identify with what I stand for! Honesty, trust, transparency, decisiveness, effectiveness, feeling and inner strength are some of my character traits, which I hold in high esteem. That is why I have consciously included them in my products and have thus created a recognizable and authentic line. My products are all developed from natural and effective ingredients for medical cosmetic use and are not tested on animals. They contain sophisticated extracts from medicinal plants all over the world. In short, honest, high-quality and transparent products that meet the highest qualified standards and requirements. People often tell me that the creams invite you to open the packaging because of the wonderful and pleasant smell. Because the products contain natural ingredients, people apparently expect a neutral smell, but nothing could be further from the truth. Fragrance is temptation! Because I use bottles and tubes, the products remain very hygienic and therefore have a longer shelf life than if they were packed in jars. In addition, I can say that the price / quality ratio is very sharp.

I know better than anyone how important it is to be close to the business and production process. Together with a well-known chemist, I am closely involved in the research and development of my products. Listening to and responding to the wishes of my clients and possibly anticipating them is extremely important to me. Training and coaching in the relevant treatments with my products are part of my work in my company. That is why I maintain close and intensive contact with my clients and I am open to feedback at all times.

about us

Prevention is better than cure; a phrase that is often spoken. That’s why I also linked beauty to health, because with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, problems that arise from within can be tackled. We are what we eat and what we do and how we manifest, how we feel. My products are aimed at solving problems both from the inside and the outside, for both young and old. Many skin diseases and autoimmune diseases can be treated well from the micro-bio, about which I have learned a lot, in combination with good nutrition. This is also where my concept originated: health and beauty by nature!

I would also like to give people a bit of awareness; awareness of a healthier way of life or change in their lifestyle.

We can divide lifestyle into six groups: nutrition, exercise, sleep, social, relaxation and meaning. It is clear and scientifically proven that an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to disorders and that a positive change can lead to the reduction and even disappearance of these disorders. Through my studies I became familiar with the positive influence of a healthy lifestyle and the major and determining influence of healthy bacteria in the body. Healthy bacteria that have a preventive effect on common diseases. Health has three aspects: firstly the physical, secondly the mental and lastly, the social aspect. These three aspects influence each other and when they are in balance, this leads to a strengthening of our immune system, more energy, a healthier body and therefore fewer physical and / or psychological complaints and ultimately to the ultimate feeling of happiness!

That is why, in addition to my cosmetics line, I like to coach and guide people; provide them with explanations and information about healthy food, sports and exercise; the effects of stress, positive energy that affects glowing skin.

So, in short: health, lifestyle and beauty are inextricably linked and I have therefore combined these three aspects in my products and in my company. That is what I stand for and in short: that is Vitaliderma Skindiet.

Natural peeling

It acts against acne, scars, anti-ageing and is recommended for combination and oily skin.

Natural Peeling Sensitive

Facial rejuvenation, recommended for sensitive and dry skin or summer peeling.

Detox Massage Wrap

Peeling corporal, which acts in a three-in-one: exfoliating, draining and anti-cellulite.

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